How we started:
Founded in January of 2018 by husband and wife duo Ezekiel and Kyla Kindle, Kindle Spices is locally owned and operated in Fayetteville, AR. We possess a crazy passion for growing the most delicious (and hottest) produce we can. Kindle Spices began when a love of gardening, spice, and Fayetteville came together and sprouted into an idea to share a love of spice and amazing flavor.
Our hunger for new food and new experiences has never been quenched. The same can be said for the enjoyment that we get from watching someone take a bite into a hot pepper for the first time. 



Teaming up with local NWA companies
As part of our dream of sharing the experience of spice, we would like to partner with local businesses in and around the Northwest Arkansas area to get our peppers into their food or into their stores and products.

Kindle Spices Hot Sauces
We would like to start producing world class hot sauces that are both vegan and locally grown. Through collaborations with local businesses in Fayetteville, we hope to make this dream come true. We already have 4 killer hot sauce recipes that have been tried and tested.